I stress about what to buy for my husband, even though he’s easy to please. I want the gifts to be thoughtful and creative. Here is a list of the things I’ve purchased for my husband that have been winners. I have become a picky buyer over the years as I’ve seen what things last and what things end up forgotten or broken. I put a lot of research into reviews. I have learned the hard way that I’d rather spend a little more to get something that’s a LOT better, but I am also mindful of balancing the best reviews with the best price.Read More →

Christmas is coming up, and if you’re like me, you want to get other parents’ ideas of what items are worth buying. I’ve been buying children’s gifts for 16 years. These are the ones that have stuck around. I only include items in the list that I have owned and vouch for, and found on Amazon. They are tried and true winners in my family! *Need more gift ideas?* Please see the following links: Babies and New Mothers, Household, Emergency Preparedness and Men. Age 1-4 Three Little Ghosties The best picture book I’ve ever read. My teenagers even like it. Mr. Potato Head Megabloks  Fisher Price Xylophone ToyRead More →

My husband is currently deployed with the Air Force to St. Thomas for the month of October 2017. His job is to help restore communications to the military base. He has the chance to observe first-hand what it is like in the aftermath of a natural disaster. We have made small efforts over many years to add to our emergency storage. Over time, these efforts have added up to a significant supply. But because of what my husband is observing in a real situation, we are quickly becoming aware of where our preparation may be falling short. This is very valuable information to us, soRead More →