There has been much debate over the issue of gun control. I find it unsettling to read comments of other readers because everyone has their fists up. Whoever is speaking (or writing) seems to have the mentality that he/she is right, and that’s that. Anyone who opposes a different view is met with an abusive or disrespectful response. And the people who are flamed, in turn, flame right back. I’ve thought about why starkly contrasting views on issues such as gun control bother me so much. I determined that it’s not the contrasting views that bother me, it’s the verbal abuse. These “i’m-right-you’re-wrong” conversations areRead More →

When we moved into our current home, every wall in the house was white. I promised myself that would be the first thing I would change. With limited income and time (when does one paint who has two toddlers?), I knew I would need to start with the room that was most important to me. The rest of the house would be painted little by little over the years. I decided to start with my bedroom. I chose a lovely pale blue, and painted the bottom half of the walls in subtle stripes. Because the two shades were right next to each other on theRead More →

I stress about what to buy for my husband, even though he’s easy to please. I want the gifts to be thoughtful and creative. Here is a list of the things I’ve purchased for my husband that have been winners. I have become a picky buyer over the years as I’ve seen what things last and what things end up forgotten or broken. I put a lot of research into reviews. I have learned the hard way that I’d rather spend a little more to get something that’s a LOT better, but I am also mindful of balancing the best reviews with the best price.Read More →

My husband is currently deployed with the Air Force to St. Thomas for the month of October 2017. His job is to help restore communications to the military base. He has the chance to observe first-hand what it is like in the aftermath of a natural disaster. We have made small efforts over many years to add to our emergency storage. Over time, these efforts have added up to a significant supply. But because of what my husband is observing in a real situation, we are quickly becoming aware of where our preparation may be falling short. This is very valuable information to us, soRead More →

These are emergency supply suggestions that I personally own or intend to buy. I dedicate myself to careful comparison of reviews to make the best purchase possible for the price. Need gift ideas for the loved ones in your life? Click here for gift ideas for children, here for gift ideas for men, and here for gift ideas for babies/new moms. Predator 4000 Generator 115 Hour Emergency Candle 115 Hour Emergency Candle set of 3 Emergency Whistles LED Lantern Baofeng Two Way Ham Radio Thermal Solar Blankets Bag Balm Folding Shovel Steel Wool Camping toilet paper LED Head Lamp First Aid Kit 2-in-1, 120 pieceRead More →